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The International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 1784, was originally charted as IAFF Local 39 in 1918, and was one of the very first locals of the IAFF.  Two hundred members of Local 39 went on strike in January 1929 and with six hundred volunteers manning the Fire Department during the strike, Local 39 ended.  In January 1936, fifteen brave men formed IAFF Local 459.  The mayor at the time, Watkins Overton, promptly fired those fifteen men and after much debate and struggle, the Local cancelled its charter in May 1936.

In 1968, a drive was started to organize the Memphis Firefighters again.  The movement was successful and IAFF Local 1784 was chartered on June 14, 1971, with 704 members.  Much has been gained over the years and these benefits have not come without struggle, as evidenced by two strikes in during the summer of 1978.  While there was talk prior to the strike of going back to get its original Local number, 39, it was decided after the strike to remain as Local 1784, because of the significance of the 1978 strikes and the Local number that coincided with the strikes, so we remain IAFF Local 1784 today.

Local 1784 has been on  the forefront of many  changes and challenges   throughout history and  its focus and priority   remains to improve the working conditions and livelihood of its   members, both active and retired.  The International Association of   Fire Fighters, based in Washington DC, works daily to improve the   livelihoods of our members at the federal level, while the Tennessee  Professional Fire Fighters Association works on our behalf on the   state level.  With all levels of government covered, the firefighters’   union is the one of the most bi-partisan of all labor organizations,   keeping true to its philosophy of “supporting those who support us.”

Over the years, Local 1784 has donated over $2 million to various charities around Memphis and Shelby County.  In an effort to streamline its charitable operations, the Local formed the Memphis Fire Fighters Association Foundation in 2013, an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization to facilitate its charitable operations.  The Local’s Executive Board serves as the Foundation’s Board of Directors and controls the various operations of the Foundation.  Since its inception, the Foundation has given $250,000 to charitable organizations around Memphis; have given $40,000 to members of Local 1784 who have fallen on hard financial times due to extended illness, injury, or catastrophic events to their homes; and have given $50,000 in college scholarships to children of Local 1784 member

The day to day operations of the organization are run by the President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer at the direction and control of the Executive Board and membership. The firefighters’ union remains one of the most member-centric unions of all city employees.  Each 24-hour shift has two Division Representatives and the 40-hour employees have a Division Representative working on their behalf.  The membership meets once a month to set the course and direction of the Local and approve or deny recommendations of the Executive Board on various matters affecting the membership.

Local 1784 currently works on behalf of more than 2,100 active and retiree members of the Memphis Fire Department and its actively employed members make up over 90% of the entire Memphis Fire Department. 

Memphis Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1784
Officers & Staff


Local 1784 Presidents Service Local 1784 Vice Presidents Service Local 1784 Secretary/Treasurers Service
Robert Graham 1971-1973 Kuhron Huddleston (1st VP) 1974-1977 Gene Bates (Secretary) 1971-1973
Angelo Rhinerson 1973-1974 Jeff Hudosn (2nd VP) 1974-1975 Adrian Simmons (Treasurer) 1971-1973
Don Maguire 1974-1977 Sam Posey (2nd VP) 1975-1988 Adrian Simmons  1973-1974
Kuhron Huddleston 1977-1988 Billy Chitwood 1988-1994 Charles Means 1974-1975
Sam Posey 1988-1994 Jim Strickland 1994-1994 John Harris, Jr 1975-1978
Billy Chitwood 1994-1994 Thomas Malone 1994-2000 Robert Kermick 1978-1980
Danny Todd 1994-2000 Terry Oldham 2000-2003 Danny Todd 1980-1994
Thomas Malone 2000-2003 Tim Mitchell 2003-2006 David Carson 1994-2003
Terry Oldham 2003-2006 Joe Norman 2006-2021 Beth Turner 2003-2006
Perry Cathey 2006-2009 Todd Conklin 2021-Present Billy Freeman 2006-2009
Larry Anthony 2009-2012 Matthew Tomek 2009-Present
Thomas Malone 2012-Present

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